Dr. Kanika Gupta

Finance Lecturer
Digital Campus

Dr. Gupta’s key background roles hail in accounting with passion for number analysis. Her key research interests lies in capital structure, capital market and working capital management. As an academician, she has impacted lives of many learners by teaching them various accounting and finance courses in practical manner where learning can be instantly applied in their work environment. Along with the same, she has good insight into management of e-learning content including e-learning pedagogy and content development and is leading continuous education department in her current role. In her current role, she has conceptualized several programmes meeting needs of different learners and has been managing the entire life-cycle of these programmes. This enhanced her skills in developing business plan including forecasting data, classification of data for developing excel models for budgeting and break even. She possesses Certificate of teaching in higher education funded by Ukeri (UK) grant that, along with her several years of experience, helped her position as a pedagogy/ andragogy expert.

Dr. Kanika Gupta

The key to success in your academics is to practice your topics the way you practice your hobbies

Dr. Kanika Gupta