Dr. Neus Vila Brunet

Global Economics Lecturer
Digital campus

Equipped with a strong educational background, professional experience in a variety of organizations and years of teaching experience, Dr. Neus Vila is known both for her work in regional development, and for her systemic approach to further exploring organizational behavior, and how mindfulness and presence contribute to the workplace.

Dr. Vila earned her BBA from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and used this opportunity to develop her international experience by studying abroad at the University of California Santa Barbara. Next, Dr. Vila went on to graduate school at the University of Barcelona, where she studied a Master in Globalization, Development and Cooperation, followed by a postgraduate on International Comparative Rural Policies Studies. After working on European and USA projects for regional development, and working as a consultant for several USA wineries regarding their organizational behavior, she earned her PhD in Applied Economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dr. Vila is currently a full-time professor and her research focuses on exploring how mindfulness and presence relate with personal well-being, and individual, team and business outputs in the workplace. Dr. Vila has published multiple articles, book chapters, technical reports and educational materials.

Her experience covers a wide variety of sectors, including multinationals such as General Motors, ACS, FCC; regional and central governments in Europe and in the USA; and local and international NGOs and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Neus Vila Brunet

The ability to properly materialize our purpose starts with our perception and state of presence.

Dr. Neus Vila Brunet